Saturday, January 24, 2015


URS has more than 50,000employees in a network of offices in nearly 50 countries. The Company offers a full range of program management; planning, design and engineering; systems engineering and technical assistance; construction and construction management; operations and maintenance; management and operations; information technology; and decommissioning and closure services.
Environmental Planner Australia  View/Apply
Graduate Environmental Scientist/Engineer Australia  View/Apply
Principal Dams Structural Engineer Australia  View/Apply
Principal Geotechnical/Dams Engineer Australia  View/Apply
Senior Associate Rail Electrical Engineer Australia  View/Apply
Urban & Environmental Planner Australia  View/Apply
Senior Transport Planner/Transport Modeller/Project Manager Bahrain  View/Apply
Wet Services Design Engineer Bahrain  View/Apply
Bridge Design Technician Canada  View/Apply
Bridge Design Technician Canada  View/Apply
Lean Six Sigma Project Advisor - Consultant Canada  View/Apply
Manager, Transit Infrastructure Canada  View/Apply
Senior Project Manager, Municipal Transportation Canada  View/Apply
Assistant Engineer (Electrical & Mechanical) Hong Kong  View/Apply
Assistant Inspector of Works - TBM Hong Kong  View/Apply
Assistant Inspector of Works (Electrical & Mechanical) Hong Kong  View/Apply
Associate Engineer (Bridges/Structures) Hong Kong  View/Apply
Construction Engineer I & II Hong Kong  View/Apply
Graduate Engineer Hong Kong  View/Apply
Senior Assistant Engineer - Geotechnical Hong Kong  View/Apply
Technical Officer Hong Kong  View/Apply
Accounting Manager India  View/Apply
Assistant Engineer - Environment India  View/Apply
Asst Expert railway Operation and Safety India  View/Apply
Bridge/ Structural Engineer India  View/Apply
CIVIL SITE ENGINEER \ Incharge India  View/Apply
Computer Operator India  View/Apply
Construction Safety Expert India  View/Apply
Draftsman S&T India  View/Apply
Electrical Engineer- with Design Experience India  View/Apply
Estimator India  View/Apply
Expert Bridge India  View/Apply
Expert Civil India  View/Apply
Expert- S&T (RAILWAYS) India  View/Apply
Expert Signaling and Telecommunication India  View/Apply
Highway Engineer India  View/Apply
Hydraulic Design Engineer India  View/Apply
Janitorial Service Manager India  View/Apply
Lab Technician (Highways) India  View/Apply
P-Way Expert India  View/Apply
Quality Control India  View/Apply
Quality Control Engineer India  View/Apply
Quality Control Supervisor India  View/Apply
Resident Engineer- S&T India  View/Apply
Resident Engineer-Civil India  View/Apply
S&T Supervisor India  View/Apply
Assistant Maintenance Manager (APS-5) Kuwait  View/Apply
Assistant Base Operations Manager (APS-5) Kuwait  View/Apply
Assistant Transportation/Retrograde Manager Kuwait  View/Apply
Base Operations Manager (APS-5) Kuwait  View/Apply
Business/Finance Manager (APS-5) Kuwait  View/Apply
Contracts Manager (APS-5) Kuwait  View/Apply
Facilities Supervisor (APS-5) Kuwait  View/Apply
Fire Alarm Technician Kuwait  View/Apply
HR Manager (APS-5) Kuwait  View/Apply
Maintenance Manager (APS-5) Kuwait  View/Apply
Planner/Scheduling Supervisor Kuwait  View/Apply
Property Book Team Chief Kuwait  View/Apply
Property Manager Kuwait  View/Apply
Quality Assurance Manager (APS-5) Kuwait  View/Apply
Security Manager (APS-5) Kuwait  View/Apply
Supply Manager Kuwait  View/Apply
Transportation/Retrograde Manager Kuwait  View/Apply
Associate Water Infrastructure Engineer New Zealand  View/Apply
Bids & Proposals Advisor New Zealand  View/Apply
Civil Engineer New Zealand  View/Apply
Geometric Designer New Zealand  View/Apply
Geotechnical Engineer New Zealand  View/Apply
Intermediate Civil Engineer New Zealand  View/Apply
Intermediate Geometric Designer New Zealand  View/Apply
Principal Civil Engineer - Stormwater/Drainage New Zealand  View/Apply
Principal Geotechnical Engineer New Zealand  View/Apply
Principal Structural Engineer New Zealand  View/Apply
EIA/Air Quality Scientist Qatar  View/Apply
Environmental Scientist Qatar  View/Apply
Marine Scientist Qatar  View/Apply
Aircraft Mechanic III/ Maintenance Control Supervisor U.S.  View/Apply
Archaeological Field Technician U.S.  View/Apply
CM/PM Department Manager U.S.  View/Apply
Construction Inspector U.S.  View/Apply
Geologist - Assistant Project Manager U.S.  View/Apply
Graduate Rail Engineer U.S.  View/Apply
Senior Construction Technician / Administrator U.S.  View/Apply
Senior Software Engineer U.S.  View/Apply
3PL Manager U.S.  View/Apply
A&P Mechanic III U.S.  View/Apply
Accelerator Engineer (Control & Software) U.S.  View/Apply
Access Control Officer - Armed U.S.  View/Apply
Accounting Clerk II U.S.  View/Apply
Accounting Manager U.S.  View/Apply
Acquisition Analyst - Mid Level U.S.  View/Apply
Acquisition Logistics Analyst - Mid Level U.S.  View/Apply
Apprentice Electrical Engineer - (Process Engineering Design) UK  View/Apply
Architectural CAD Technician UK  View/Apply
Assistant Air Quality Specialist UK  View/Apply
Assistant Arboricultural Consultant UK  View/Apply
Assistant Civil/Structural Engineers UK  View/Apply
Assistant Electrical Engineer UK  View/Apply
Assistant Engineer UK  View/Apply
Assistant Engineer - Rail UK  View/Apply
Assistant Engineer – Traffic and Transportation UK  View/Apply
Assistant Environmental Consultant UK  View/Apply
CAD Technician - Rail UK  View/Apply
CAD Technician / RC Detailer UK  View/Apply
CAD Technician UK  View/Apply
Chartered Architect UK  View/Apply
Chartered Bridge Engineer UK  View/Apply
Civil Engineer UK  View/Apply
Civil Engineering Technician UK  View/Apply
Civil Highways Technician UK  View/Apply