Sunday, March 8, 2015


The Thumbay Group UAE is an international business conglomerate with its head quarters in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. Venturing into new avenues of service with missionary zeal, the Thumbay Group has over the past decade spread its wings of excellence in various fields of social and business endeavours. 
Assistant Professor of physical Therapy (Neuro Sciences) Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Assistant Professor of physical Therapy (Muscolo Skeletal) Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Assistant Professor of Oral Maxillo Facial Surgery Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Professor of Community Medicine Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Associate Professor(Public Health Program Management) Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Asst Prof Medical ImagingTechnolgy Ajman-UAE View/Apply
CT Technician Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Laundry Technician Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Laundry Manager Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Housekeeping Supervisor Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Housekeeping Manager Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Quality Lead - Retail Division Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Quality Lead - Hospitality Division Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Quality Manager - Hospitality Division Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Head - Quality Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Chief Executive Officer - Retail Division Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Cathlab Technician Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Franchise Manager Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Recruitment Specialist Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Deputy Director Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Chief Administrative Officer Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Associate Dean - Assessment & Evaluation Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Associate Dean - Admissions & Registers Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Franchise Manager Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Restaurant Manager Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Assistant Professor Physical Therapy Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Assistant Professor of physical Therapy (Cardio Respiratory) Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Web Designer & Flash Animator Ajman-UAE View/Apply
PHP Web Develoer Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Art Director Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Senior Dental Technician Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Document Controller Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Inventory Analyst Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Store keeper Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Store In Charge Ajman-UAE View/Apply
ARABIC CHEF Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Media Sales Executive Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Deputy Director-CABRI Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Project Manager Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Assistant Professor Pedodontics Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Assistant Professor Medical Laboratory Technology Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Assistant Professor Pharmacy Practice Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Assistant Oral Pathology Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Assistant Professor Preventive Dentistry Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Assistant Professor Prosthodontics Ajman-UAE View/Apply
IT Infrastructure Specialist Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Data Centre Supervisor Ajman-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Anesthesiology Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Pulmonology Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Psychiatry Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Pediatric Neurologist Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Pediatric Cardiologist Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Pediatric Gastroenterology Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Microbiology (Infection Control) Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Opthalmology Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Interventional Radiology Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in General Surgery Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Rheumatology Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Dermatology Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Gastroenterology Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Pediatrics Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Obstetrics & Gynaecology Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Neurology Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Emergency Medical Technician(EMT) Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Cathlab Technician Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Audiologist Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Optical Technician Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Optometrist Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Bio medical Engineer Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Medical Orderly Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Assistant Patient Billing officer Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Appointment Desk Officer (Arab) Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Patient Relations Officer Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Front Desk Associate Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Medical Secretary Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Medical Records Clerk Dubai-UAE View/Apply
In charge - Patient Affairs Department Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Urology Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Internal medicine Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Infection Control Nurse Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Nursing Incharge Dubai-UAE View/Apply
Staff Nurse Fujairah-UAE View/Apply
Assistant Insurance Medical Officer Fujairah-UAE View/Apply
Subject Matter Expert India View/Apply
Software Coordinator India View/Apply
Development Team Lead India View/Apply
Software Tester India View/Apply
Quality Analyst India View/Apply
Software Database Engineer India View/Apply
Staff Nurse UAE, UAE View/Apply
General Practitioner UAE, UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Cardiology UAE, UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Orthopedics UAE, UAE View/Apply
Specialist in Surgery UAE, UAE View/Apply
Specialist Dermatology UAE, UAE View/Apply
Specialist ENT UAE, UAE View/Apply
Specialist Radiology UAE, UAE View/Apply
Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology UAE, UAE View/Apply
Specialist Pediatrics UAE, UAE View/Apply
Specialist Internal medicine UAE, UAE View/Apply