Monday, November 7, 2016


Azadea Group is a premier fashion and lifestyle retail company that owns and operates more than 50 leading international franchise concepts across the Middle East and North Africa

IRC27920 - Runner Abu Dhabi View/Apply
IRC31436 - Department Manager Abu Dhabi View/Apply
IRC32211 - Shop Manager Abu Dhabi View/Apply
IRC32110 - Shop Manager Al Ain View/Apply
IRC31946 - Logistics Team Leader Algeria View/Apply
IRC28059 - Assistant Manager Algeria View/Apply
IRC28060 - Assistant Manager 2 Algeria View/Apply
IRC28064 - Stock Keeper Algeria View/Apply
IRC28062 - Cashier Algeria View/Apply
IRC28061 - Sales Associate Algeria View/Apply
IRC32285 - Sales Associate Bahrain View/Apply
IRC32250 - Sales Associate Bahrain View/Apply
IRC32143 - Driver Bahrain View/Apply
IRC32314 - Sales Associate Bahrain View/Apply
IRC32232 - Shop Manager Bahrain View/Apply
IRC32224 - Driver Bahrain View/Apply
IRC31302 - Sales Associate Cyprus View/Apply
IRC31751 - Junior Loss Prevention Specialist Dubai View/Apply
IRC32326 - Stock Keeper Dubai View/Apply
IRC29496 - Runner Dubai View/Apply
IRC31038 - Sales Associate Dubai View/Apply
IRC32264 - Beauty Advisor Dubai View/Apply
IRC29172 - Pastry Commis Dubai View/Apply
IRC30884 - F&B Retail Manager Dubai View/Apply
IRC20914 - Commis Dubai View/Apply
IRC21892 - Floor Supervisor Dubai View/Apply
IRC29491 - Commis Dubai View/Apply
IRC32109 - Cashier Dubai View/Apply
IRC32111 - Senior Sales Associate Dubai View/Apply
IRC31323 - Sales Associate Dubai View/Apply
IRC31237 - Junior Customer Service Specialist Dubai View/Apply
IRC32270 - Stock Keeper Dubai View/Apply
IRC32271 - Stock Keeper Dubai View/Apply
IRC31327 - Assistant Manager 2 Iraq View/Apply
IRC31326 - Assistant Manager Iraq View/Apply
IRC31325 - Stock Keeper Iraq View/Apply
IRC30572 - Shop Manager Iraq View/Apply
IRC29397 - Assistant Manager Iraq View/Apply
IRC32321 - Business Development Specialist Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32331 - Senior Inventory Control Specialist Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32329 - Supply Chain Manager Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32328 - Senior Accounting Business Excellence Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32332 - Junior Inventory Control Specialist Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32309 - Recruitment Specialist Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32289 - Accounting Team Leader Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32302 - Assistant Manager 2 Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32231 - Commis Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32233 - Pastry Chef Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32192 - Stock Keeper Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32205 - Commis Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32159 - Counter Sales Associate Jordan  View/Apply
IRC32146 - Sales Associate Jordan  View/Apply
IRC31457 - Assistant Manager 2 Kenya View/Apply
IRC31455 - Stock Keeper Kenya View/Apply
IRC31415 - Assistant Manager Kenya View/Apply
IRC31414 - Shop Manager Kenya View/Apply
IRC31372 - Sales Associate Kenya View/Apply
IRC28081 - Senior Training and Development Specialist Kuwait View/Apply
IRC31547 - Executive Chef Kuwait View/Apply
IRC31481 - Assistant Restaurant Manager Kuwait View/Apply
IRC32305 - Procurement Specialist Kuwait View/Apply
IRC32073 - Store Services Administrator Kuwait View/Apply
IRC32308 - Travel Coordinator Lebanon View/Apply
IRC32293 - Junior IT Retail Solution Specialist Lebanon View/Apply
IRC32286 - Personal Assistant Lebanon View/Apply
IRC32237 - Senior Recruitment Specialist Lebanon View/Apply
IRC32230 - Treasurer Lebanon View/Apply
IRC32229 - Junior Treasurer Lebanon View/Apply
IRC32209 - Junior Financial Analyst Lebanon View/Apply
IRC32186 - Social Media Team Leader Lebanon View/Apply
IRC32096 - Training and Development Team Leader Lebanon View/Apply
IRC31788 - Senior Human Resources Specialist Lebanon View/Apply
IRC31244 - Bakery Commis Oman View/Apply
IRC32277 - Barista Oman View/Apply
IRC32278 - Hostess Oman View/Apply
IRC32274 - Hostess Oman View/Apply
IRC32268 - Counter Sales Associate Oman View/Apply
IRC32281 - Assistant Manager 2 Oman View/Apply
IRC32284 - Sales Associate Oman View/Apply
IRC32161 - Store Services Manager Qatar View/Apply
IRC32106 - Marketing Specialist Qatar View/Apply
IRC32065 - Field Operations Team Leader Qatar View/Apply
IRC31877 - Department Manager Qatar View/Apply
IRC31878 - Head Barista Qatar View/Apply
IRC31540 - Coordinator Qatar View/Apply
IRC31453 - Sales Associate Qatar View/Apply
IRC31394 - Performance Management Specialist Qatar View/Apply
IRC31795 - Waiter Qatar View/Apply
IRC32315 - Cashier Saudi Arabia View/Apply
IRC32313 - Junior Graphic Designer Saudi Arabia View/Apply