Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Multiple Gulf Job Vacancies with Louis Berger Services at Kuwait - Jordan - Iraq - United States

 We provide Mission Support, Fuels Services, Power Services, Contingency Logistics and Asset Maintenance services at large, mission-essential military installations and transportation facilities worldwide. We provide support to the defense industry when and where it’s needed. We supply integrated support throughout a project’s lifecycle – from planning and design and engineering to construction and program management to logistics to operations and maintenance.

LOGCAP - Air Traffic ControllerKuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Generator Mechanic KuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Master ElectricianKuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Senior Operations Coordinator - KuwaitKuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Human Resources ManagerKuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Fuel Distribution System Operator (FDSO) - KBOSSKuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Fuel Handler (OCN)KuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Liquid Fuel Mechanic (OCN)KuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Fuels Accountant (USN)KuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Fuels Accountant (OCN)KuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Fuel ManagerKuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Fuel Handler (USN)KuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP (KBOSSS) - Power Plant SupervisorKuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP (KBOSSS) - MV ElectricianKuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP (KBOSSS) - Generator Mechanic Lead KuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP (KBOSSS) - Generator Mechanic Lead (OCN)KuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Lead Generator Mechanic (OCN)KuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Generator Mechanic, LeadKuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Fuel Supervisor (OCN)KuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Fuel SupervisorKuwaitApply Now
AMCC SpecialistKuwaitApply Now
LOGCAP - Air Traffic ControllerKuwaitApply Now
Passenger Service SpecialistKuwaitApply Now
Air Freight Assistant SupervisorKuwaitApply Now
Sr. Generator MechanicJordanApply Now
LOGCAP - ADACG SupervisorIraqApply Now
LOGCAP - Passenger Service LeadIraqApply Now
LOGCAP - Passenger Service SpecialistIraqApply Now
LOGCAP - Heavy Equipment Operator Lead (OCN)IraqApply Now
LOGCAP - Fuel Supervisor (USN)IraqApply Now
LOGCAP - Deputy Operations ManagerIraqApply Now
LOGCAP - MCT Coordinator (Lead) - Air OperationsIraqApply now
LOGCAP - HR GeneralistIraqApply Now
Sr. High Voltage ElectricianIraqApply Now
LOGCAP - Master ElectricianIraqApply Now
LOGCAP - HR Generalist (OCN)IraqApply Now
LOGCAP - Air Cargo SpecialistIraqApply Now
Liquid Fuels MechanicUnited StatesApply now
Safety Manager - FuelsUnited StatesApply Now
Project Scheduler - FuelsUnited StatesApply Now
Site Manager - FuelsUnited StatesApply Now
QC ManagerUnited StatesApply Now
Project CoordinatorUnited StatesApply Now
Project ManagerUnited StatesApply Now