Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Multiple Gulf Job Vacancies General Electric Aviation at Sweden - Turkey - Singapore - Malaysia - India - China


GE Aviation manufactures engines for both military and commercial aircraft. Mechanical engineers are hired to perform continued research and development, and testing of next-generation engines. 

Senior Software Engineer SwedenApply
Principal Software Engineer SwedenApply
Service Product Manager - EBM SwedenApply
Sr Site IT Manager SwedenApply
Stress Analysis & Simulation Lead Engineer TurkeyApply
Life Management Engineer - Lead Engineer TurkeyApply
Advanced Lead Engineer - Mechanical Component TurkeyApply
Advanced Lead Engineer- Mechanical Component TurkeyApply
Lean Leader TurkeyApply
Staff Engineer- Mechanical Component TurkeyApply
Lean Leader TurkeyApply
Component Repair Technician (Plasma Spray) SingaporeApply
Manufacturing Engineer - Manuf Eng Specialist_AVI SingaporeApply
Component Repair Technician SingaporeApply
Stock Process Technician (Maintenance) SingaporeApply
Engineering Assistant (Welding) SingaporeApply
Manufacturing Engineer SingaporeApply
Component Repair Technician (Mechanical Clean) SingaporeApply
Component Repair Technician (Metallurgy) SingaporeApply
Component Repair Technician (Welding) SingaporeApply
Component Repair Technician (DMLM) SingaporeApply
Manufacturing Engineer - Manuf Eng Specialist_AVI SingaporeApply
Sourcing and Recruiting Specialist SingaporeApply
Senior Commercial Finance and Risk Manager SingaporeApply
Customer Support Clerk SingaporeApply
Component Repair Technician (Chemical Clean) SingaporeApply
Component Repair Technician (Machining) SingaporeApply
Component Repair Technician (Heat Treatment) SingaporeApply
Component Repair Technician (NDT) SingaporeApply
Logistics Technician SingaporeApply
Component Repair Technician (Airfoil) SingaporeApply
Vendor Performance Specialist - Supervision MalaysiaApply
Vendor Management Specialist MalaysiaApply
Repair Engineer MalaysiaApply
Equipment Maintenance Specialist - PLC troubleshooting MalaysiaApply
Inspection Engineer MalaysiaApply
Engineering Intern MalaysiaApply
Manufacturing Specialist - Lean Manufacturing MalaysiaApply
Engineering Intern MalaysiaApply
Aviation Internship MalaysiaApply
Equipment Maintenance Engineer (PLC Programming) MalaysiaApply
Lead Engineer - Fleet Management IndiaApply
Staff Enterprise Architect IndiaApply
Sr Enterprise Applications Engineer IndiaApply
Emerging Technologies - Lead Combustion Aero Dynamics IndiaApply
Engineer - Emerging Technologies IndiaApply
Engineer - Mechanical Component IndiaApply
Engineer - Mechanical IndiaApply
Lead Engineer - Thermal Dynamics IndiaApply
Engineer-Emerging Technologies IndiaApply
Advanced Lead Engineer - Emerging Technology IndiaApply
Engineer - Aero tools Devops IndiaApply
Quality Assurance Engineer - Additive Software IndiaApply
Engineer-Emerging Technologies IndiaApply
Enterprise Application Engineer IndiaApply
Engineer - Thermal Dynamics IndiaApply
Enterprise Application Engineer Indiaapply
Lead Engineer - Thermal Dynamics IndiaApply
Staff Engineer - Controls Engineering IndiaApply
Junior Engineer Bending IndiaApply
Assistant Engineer - Quality Indiaapply
Communications Intern_GE Aviation ChinaApply
Staff Engineer - Fleet Management ChinaApply
Advanced Lead Engineer - Fleet Management ChinaApply
Technical Support Engineer - GE Aviation ChinaApply
Senior Leader - Compliance & Regulatory ChinaApply
Sourcing coordinator ChinaApply
Advanced GL Accountant ChinaApply
Finance controller ChinaApply
FP&A Leader ChinaApply
Fleet Manager - GE Aviation ChinaApply
Lead Services Specialist - Margin Review Management ChinaApply
Flight Test Service Engineer ChinaApply
Senior Software Engineer ChinaApply
Fleet Manager -GE Aviation ChinaApply