Monday, December 27, 2021

Multiple Gulf Job Vacancies with APPLUS+ at Qatar | Saudi Arabia | United Kingdom | Australia |

ApplusVelosi was established over thirty years ago in close proximity to Heysham Power Station, we are a specialist Power/Energy/Nuclear Generation Recruitment/Employment Agency and Business with a vast wealth of experience “a veteran in the industry with the hunger of a start-up”.Over the decades we have serviced various Power Stations Jobs; CHP Plants, CCGT Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Waste to Energy Plants and numerous Nuclear Jobs on Reactors including; AGR, PWR, ERP, BWR and Magnox.  

Lead Interface Jackets & Topsides (Reference: )QatarApply
Engineering Interface Co-Ordinator (Reference: )QatarApply
Construction & Installation Division Manager – Topside (Reference: )QatarApply
Hook-up & Brown Field Specialist (Reference: )QatarApply
Pipelines & Cables Division Package Manager (Reference: )QatarApply
Topsides Welding & Material Specialist (Reference: )QatarApply
Topsides & STP Division Package Manager (Reference: )QatarApply
Lead Interface Pipelines & Cables (Reference: )QatarApply
Head Quality - Desalination & He4 (Reference: )QatarApply
Environmental Specialist (Reference: )QatarApply
Investigation Head (Reference: )QatarApply
Civil Inspector (Reference: )QatarApply
Audit Specialist – Investigations (Reference: )QatarApply
Senior Auditor – Oil and Gas Plant (Reference: )QatarApply
Head Engineering (Reference: )QatarApply
Construction Specialist (Reference: )QatarApply
Lead SHES Specialist - Temporary Camping Facility (Reference: )QatarApply
Pipelay / Heavy Lift Vessel Lead– Offshore (Reference: )QatarApply
Technical Foreman for Pipelay and Heavy Lift Barge – Offshore (Reference: )QatarApply
Head Procurement (Reference: )QatarApply
Contracts Specialist (Reference: )QatarApply
Head Vendor Quality Surveillance (Reference: )QatarApply
Lead SHES Process (Reference: )QatarApply
Diving Lead - Offshore (Reference: )QatarApply
Head of Project Controls (Reference: )QatarApply
PCN Level III Inspector (Reference: )QatarApply
Lead Interface Offplots Brownfield (Reference: )QatarApply
Process Engineering Specialist (Reference: )QatarApply
Senior Schedule Engineer (Reference: )QatarApply
Senior Quantity Surveyor (Reference: )QatarApply
Projects Planning Coordinator (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
Receptionist (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
Admin Support Officer (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
QA/QC Rotating Inspector (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
QA/QC Communication Inspector (Reference: AVKSA-Comms)Saudi ArabiaApply
QA/QC Architectural Inspector (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
QA/QC Plumbing Inspector (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
QA/QC HVAC Inspector (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
QA/QC Instrumentation Inspector (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
QA/QC Electrical Inspector (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
QA/QC Welding Inspector   (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
QA/QC Coating  Inspector (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
QA/QC Static  Inspector (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
QA/QC Civil Inspector (Reference: )Saudi ArabiaApply
QA / QC Technical Coordinator (Reference: /VAC/60348)United KingdomApply
NDT Technician (Reference: )United KingdomApply
Radiographer (Reference: /VAC/60346)United KingdomApply
NDT Aerospace Technician (Reference: /VAC/60328)United KingdomApply
Trainee NDT Technician (Reference: /VAC/60327)United KingdomApply
E&I Construction Specialist (Reference: )IndonesiaApply
Parts Person (Reference: /VAC/60342)AustraliaApply
Warehouse Operators (Reference: /VAC/60334)AustraliaApply
Maintenance Fitter (Reference: /VAC/60333)AustraliaApply
Component Rebuild Fitter (Reference: /VAC/60317)AustraliaApply
Electrical Supervisor (Reference: /VAC/60292)AustraliaApply